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Today's key issues

In a world defined by constant evolution and shifting trends (in the field of technology, sciences, economics, social sciences), your company and you as an individual are more than ever challenged by such revolutions. For the first time in our History, there is no guarantee that tomorrow’s world will be more welcoming than today’s societies. Nevertheless, we are still kept responsible for the future of the next generations. Let us bequeath to them a better world.

Our vision

Every individual has now the possibility to be an actor of a changing world, while it used to be reserved domains for states, kings and then the first great leaders in industry in our global History. The future depends on us, it is not a movie we’ll be watching passively while eating popcorn ! The future will be designed following our dreams and our actions, both at an individual (local) and collective scale. Today’s companies host internally actors that may provoke tomorrow’s major breakthrough. To do so, business companies must understand the analytical grids concerning today’s world transformations. They shall be able to become inspirational models and to convince people. They might also learn how to experiment and how to network. The leitmotiv of their action should be the constant implementation of interdisciplinarity.

Our mission

Given the scope of such responsibilities Brightness agency offers specific programs and experiences, aiming at fostering inspiration and connecting people & business companies. With its expertise, Brightness team accompanies each person, to help people becoming actors of the world’s evolution.

This is a small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind
Neil Amstrong

BRIGHTNESS has been founded in 2009, the year of the first edition of TEDxParis. TEDxParis is considered as the first TEDx European conference. Inspired by such experience, the team of TEDxParis has created Brightness agency. Based on the observation that there is a growing need for business companies to be trained in areas like public speaking, Brightness has been founded in the spirit of innovation. Thanks to this powerful experience, BRIGHTNESS has founded the first French do-thank dedicated to innovation, for the common good: L’ÉCHAPPÉE. TEDxParis & L’ECHAPPEE are the two major events organized by Brightness. They gather inspiring and curious entrepreneurs around a great community. Such conferences are also a way to share educative contents with a broader audience.

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Michel Lévy-Provençal — Co-Founder / Partner
Nawal Hamitouche — Co-Founder / Partner
Daphné — Office Manager
Clémentine — Project Director / Editorial
Emma — Project Director / Editorial
Flore — Development & Partnership
Laura — Editorial
Martin — Editorial
Simon — Graphics
Zahia — Event