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Anouck Oliveiro - Ooshot  /  Julien Mouffron-Gardner  /  Olivier Ezartty
Brightness builds inspiring events to promote engagement and change.
Learning & engaging events
Designing and producing customized experiences

Each company is unique, has its proper objectives & constraints related to its professional domain. Therefore, these organisations are looking for customized innovative programs. What’s more, in a world of abundance of choices concerning the contents, we are in charge to design new media and innovative contents. It is deeply related to the imperative of immediacy in the real world. Short contents, long-style contents, videos, live streaming, on-demand contents… At the same time, more than ever, digital natives are looking for face-to-face contact, in the real world, as opposed to the ubiquitous virtualization of our existence. Proposing live events is a strategy. Brightness answers to your needs by placing at your disposal its expertise and its professional ecosystem of experts. We design and realize customized experiences for your business company.

Joining an inspiring and dynamic community

The flexibility of today’s business companies relies on their networking skills. It implies joining a community of people acting for a better world with a high sense of dedication, composed of experts and people with a high capacity of innovation. Today, business companies have incorporated the necessity to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and challenges. To do so, they might belong to a community, not only motivated by ideas but as well by the principle of acting, doing. BRIGHTNESS has since 2009 an excellent network: composed of more than 100 000 members and 800 speakers with a high expertise in their domain. This community is enlarging each year, thanks to the annual realization of events such as TEDxParis & l’Échappée. Inspired by such collaboration spirit, business companies ask for partnership with Brightness agency each year, to join such community of actors.

Bloc Push Elements: 

Parisian version of the famous TED conference, created in 2009.

L'Échappée Volée

Do-tank that focuses on innovation for the common good.