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Brightness amplifies top executives’ and their teams’ capacity to transform their organizations.
Your challenges

We are at a turning point in the history of humanity, the transformation of the world is accelerating due to scientific, technological, social, ecological and economic revolutions  which question our capacity to adapt as an organisation or an individual like never before. ​

Our mission

We coach individuals and organizations to help them redefine and deliver their vision. To do so, we give you the possibility to broaden your horizon by joining and working with a network of change makers, experts, and avantgardists empowered by such spirit of transformation and constant innovation. We help you present your vision through powerful TED talks and give you the opportunity to communicate on it by designing and producing high-end customized events dedicated to your investors, employees and customers. ​

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Boma France Institute

Take stock of the current transformation and hold the key to engage transformation within your company. ​

Public Speaking Institute

Learn how to perform as the best TED Talks speakers, be inspiring and convincing, impact your audience. ​

Learning & engaging Events

Organize advanced events and experiences that will enable to acculturate, engage and federate within your organization.

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Created in 2009, the first TEDxParis conferences originates from the renown american TED conferences.

Boma, the new global network dedicated to learning and promoting impact projects.

The Club Boma France and the Brightness braintrust
The Club Boma France, the club dedicated to change-makers serving the transformation

The Club Boma France is the club dedicated to the avant-garde serving the transformation within companies and public organizations. With the acceleration of economic, social and technological mutations, time has become the scarcest resource. For the 2018-2019 season, we provide to our 100 members a vision, analytical frameworks, models and high value content.

To share and initiate strategic choices with strong economic and human impacts, we created an exceptional Braintrust with innovators and experts from a variety of backgrounds: AI, blockchain, civiTech, biotechnology…

    Artificial intelligence
    Alexandre Cadain founder, Co-director of the Postdigital program at ENS Ulm, Ambassador of the AI XPRIZE IBM Watson
    Paul Duan
    Founder and CEO of Bayes Impact
    Laurent Alexandre
    Surgeon and urologist, author and entrepreneur
    Quantum physics
    Christophe Galfard
    Physicist and writer
    Emery Doligé
    Consultant at Lagardère Active, chronicler on France Info, Ambassador of TEDxParis
    Sébastien Lalevée
    Managing partner at Arbevel
    Guy-Philippe Goldstein
    Consultant for a strategy consulting firm, Author
    Primavera De Filippi
    Researcher at CNRS
    Karim Benchenane
    Researcher at CNRS
    Romain Lacombe
    CEO of Plume Labs, attached to Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Olivier Sibony
    Consultant, Author and Teacher at HEC, Specialist of strategic decision-making
    Béatrice Néré
    Gates Fondation - Director of Southern Europe, G7-G20
    They trust us
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    We do our best not to be too self-confident, because then problems emerge.
    Neil Amstrong
    Why contact us?
    Executive and strategic management

    Because new ideas and innovation are evolving exponentially. Because is has become more and more complex to separate the wheat from the chaff to transform your organizations. Because your future depends on your will to connect with the best communities of change-makers, experts and innovators. Because you are the master of your strategy, but the latter will depend on your inspiration and your engagement. Because waiting and doing nothing is more dangerous than experimenting, Brightness guides you to create the best conditions to engage transformation at the heart of your ecosystem. ​

    Communication management

    Since the advent of digital revolution imposes new formats on the web but also in real life. Since the permanent quest for attention requires the creation of new mediums, short ones, long ones, videos, live or on demand. Since at the age of massive virtualisation of exchanges, having physical contacts and experiencing live events has become fundamental. Since the most performant organizations already understood that being able to inspire is the most important asset today. Since an efficient communication comes with transparency, sincerity and impact. Since content is now as important as form, Brightness helps you to build and deploy your communication strategy on the new live channels or on demand. ​

    Human resources management

    Since it has become more and more difficult to develop talents and retain them within the organisations. Since it is now key to prepare the top executives and their operational teams for the world to come. Since it has become crucial to help them understand the stakes of the current transformation, to inspire and  to give them the means to share and represent their company. Since winning the hearts and minds at the 21st century goes along with mastering storytelling and oral techniques. Since being good at public speaking is not a natural gift but the result of training and preparation. Brightness helps you to develop your teams’ competences. ​