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Anouck Oliveiro - Ooshot  /  Julien Mouffron-Gardner  /  Olivier Ezartty
Today's key issues

The world is going through unprecedented changes where the human capacity to organise and adapt itself is being challenged, because of the acceleration of scientific, technological, social, economic and environmentalist revolutions. For the first time in our History, it is not obvious that tomorrow’s world will be more welcoming than today’s. Nevertheless, our responsibility to future generations remains the same : bequeath to them a better world than the one we live in.

Our vision

Each individual has now has the possibility to be an actor of a changing world, while it used to be a reserved domain for states, kings and great industry leaders. This is a real opportunity.Act upon your future ! It should not be watched passively while eating popcorn ! The future will be shaped by each one’s dreams and actions, on local and collective levels. In each company live actors of this transformation. But they should be able to inspire and convince people. They should be able to experiment and work within networks, while implementing interdisciplinarity. ​

Our mission

Given the scope of such responsibilities Brightness agency offers specific programs and experiences, aiming at fostering inspiration and connecting people & business companies. With its expertise, Brightness team accompanies each person, to help people becoming actors of the world’s evolution.

This is a small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
Neil Amstrong
Our Story

Brightness was founded in 2009, along with the creation of TEDxParis - the first European TEDx conference. Brightness was created to cater to the increasing demand of companies to perfect the public speaking skills of their teams on the subjects of innovation.
Led by the community of change that Brightness supports, it created L’ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE in 2013, the first do-tank of innovation working for the common good.
TEDxParis and L’ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE are the two most important initiatives of Brightness, which bring together an increasing community of businessmen, influencers and actors, who come together to create informative content for a broader audience.

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Bloc Push Elements: 
Michel Lévy-Provençal — Co-founder / Partner
Nawal Hamitouche — Co-founder / Partner
Emma Callus — Project Director / Editorial
Mélanie Blandin - Business Development and Partnership
Amandine Colas — Office Management
Clémentine Lemaire — Project Director / Editorial
Roxane Baïocco - Project Manager
Laura Cohen — Editorial
Martin Schmit — Editorial
Adrien Rivierre — Editorial
Léo Siegel - Editorial Junior
Naïna de Bois Juzan — Event Project Manager
Zahia Messaoudi — Event Project Manager
Vishal Sharma - Data Analysis
Apolline Mayeux - Communication
Léa Deglaire - Communication