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L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE has been founded in 2013 by Brightness agency. L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE could be described in plural way thanks to its diversity: as a conference, a festival and a project facilitator. Overall, it is a do-thank, putting the spirit of innovation at the service of the common good. Our goal is to offer inspiring programs and experiences to our community, composed of business companies, members of the public sphere & of the civil society. By doing so, we invite people to design an alternative paradigm.


COMMUNICATION: Associate your brand to an unusual event that focuses on innovation for the common good.

HR: Offer your teams a unique programme of acculturation and reflection around the current transformation. Share an open innovation approach.

BUSINESS: Join a powerful community of leaders and decision-makers. Discover potential projects for investment. Boost your network over a week-end.

Organise a corporate L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE?

Engage a transformation in your company thanks to an event built on 3 pillars: inspiration through carefully selected and prepared talks / Experiment through innovative demos / Engagement : through workshops and discussions with experts.

    "L'ÉCHAPPÉE contributed to our launch in France. Indeed, not only did the event give us great visibility but it also helped me realize that French people were really enthousiastic about our cause. This is how I decided to go for it! I also used the video of my talk as a tool to present Bayes Impact in our communications.
    Paul Duan
    Founder and CEO — Bayes Impact
    "L'ÉCHAPPÉE is a unique chance to figure out the world of tomorrow and anticipate the things that will revolutionize our daily lives."
    Renaud Dumora
    CEO of BNP Paribas Cardif
    L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE and TEDxParis have clearly had a major impact on the development of Simplon and on all the lives of Simplonians. They enabled us to put things into perspective, to think our business model so that we could grow faster!"
    Erwann Kezzar
    Founder -
    "L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE gave us access to an incredible network of people willing to participate in our project on a short-term, and on a long-term basis."
    Guillemette Jacob
    Founder — Seintinelles
    "L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE truly was one of the best organised and most inspiring conferences I've been to this year - and your pre-conference coaching helped a lot."
    Marielle Van der Meer
    Managing Director Europe & Middle East — Minerva