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Anouck Oliveiro - Ooshot  /  Julien Mouffron-Gardner  /  Olivier Ezartty

TEDx has been imported in Paris metropolis in 2009 and has been entitled since then TEDxParis. It is the child of TED, the original american conference. TEDxParis is being held each year and gathers a community, attending to an event with 20 people delivering 15-minutes TED talks . These people/entrepreneurs come from all sectors of society and are invited to share their project, philosophy of life and powerful message. Brightness agency designs and realizes each event.

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Build a partnership with a strong brand. Reach a powerful community of over 120K members. 

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Unite your teams around a powerful brand by organising a corporate TEDx event made of inspiring talks and smooth logistics. 

    "Meeting the TEDxParis team was a turning point for me (...). It reinforced my desire to talk about the creative process and to share it with the general public in a clear and easy way".
    Yaron Herman
    Jazz Pianist
    "A year after my talk on the stage of TEDxParis for its 5th edition, I must say that things are going crazy. And I know that my talk is a big reason of this success: in terms of networking of course, but also in terms of new opportunities. I have since become a fellow Ashoka and we just won the Google Impact Challenge for our kit library for refugees, the Ideas Box. A year later, I am still very surprised, to meet people telling me: "I saw you at TEDx and I've been following what you're doing since then". The weeks that followed my talk were very intense but the impact can't be measured at this point only, nor a year later. The video of my talk is on the Internet and continues to live (...)".
    Jeremy Lachal
    Bibliothèques Sans Frontières
    "Since this 4th of October 2014 at the Théâtre du Châtelet, my career and my life have profoundly changed. I have been offered more interesting and incredible projects in one year that in the past seven years. Most of the professional emails I get start with "I saw you at TEDxParis and was deeply moved"...Because of what this adventure has brought me, and is still bringing me, I am truly grateful to the TEDxParis team: they are at the origins of the second part of my life, a part made of agility and resilience."
    Anja Linder