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Brightness gives you the best tools to inspire, convince and engage transformation.
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Ideas and new models are evolving at an ever-increasing speed and organisations understood that waiting without doing anything was more risky than attempting and experimenting a transformation. Organisations need to build and introduce a culture of change within them. They are facing their responsibilities and need to adapt by relying on their talents, by bringing an innovation process to life. They understood that this goes along with preparing top executives and their teams to better apprehend the upcoming stakes of the world transformation. ​

Bloc Accordeon Elements: 
01 — Collective acculturation program

01 — IGNITE (1 hour)

Masterclass (inter- or intra- company)
This one hour training enables to apprehend the main current mutations and the ones to come. A dedicated Brightness trainer will reveal the indispensable knowledge to understand the world global transformation. This masterclass combines methodology, theory and concrete examples. The program includes the main rules that regulate our society, the main tendencies, a focus on the technologies of tomorrow and the mutation of industry.



Training / Inter- or intra- company
This training program offers a global panorama of the technological transformation’ stakes and consequences. Each participant will become able to anticipate the upheavals to come and to make enlightened decisions, beneficial for all. In order to better meet your needs, the training is designed in two formats. The first one, TAKE OFF, is a one day training delivered by a Brightness coach. The second one is a two-day format, TARGET, that enables to complete the training with two master classes and workshops dealing with precise subjetcts (e.g. Blockchain, AI…).


04 — DISCOVERY ( 3 to 5 days)

Learning Expedition inter ou intra company
The Learning Expeditions are aimed at acculturating to the transformation through a total immersion stay. The objective ? Let the participant dive into the heart of innovation hubs (Paris, Silicon Valley, London, Tel Aviv, Bengalore, Shanghai…).


05 — B| FORE (annual program)

The community of transformation players - on subscription, under application.
B| Fore program is dedicated to actors who lead the transformation strategy within private and public organisations. Each member benefits from a privileged access to ideas, projects, contents, networks and advice from avant-garde innovators.

02 — Individual acculturation program

01 — IGNITION (6 x 1 hour)

One-to-one coaching sessions - face to face or online
Do you feel lost ? Too much information? New startups flourishing on every street corner ? Technologies you do not quite understand ? The “tech” vocabulary sounds like a foreign language for you ? Do not panic, Brightness proposes a regular update : 6 individual meetings to better apprehend 6 key themes linked to our world transformation (e.g. : the exponential laws, the new business models, the startups you should follow, etc.)


02 — DEEP DIVE (6 X 1 hour)

One-to-one coaching sessions - face to face or online
Who has never dreamt of an expert coming to help you deciphering and understanding a very complex subject ? For example, the blockchain technology. Everyone has already heard of it, but no one really knows what it is about and how it works. The same is true for the ICO (Initial Coins Offering). Yet those technologies will shortly become key in our world. They are already reshaping some industries. Thus it has become urgent to understand how they work and their future impact on the economy. Brightness will guide you through 6 one-to-one theme sessions with 6 experts who will answer all your questions and help you better apprehend those new subjects.

03 — “À la carte” program


Accurate selection of speakers and experts
At the crossroads of multiple social ecosystems of social and technological innovations (TED, Singularity University, Make Sense, Ashoka, Station F, The Camp…) and thanks to Brightness team’s daily strategic watch, our agency selects the most relevant speakers to meet the objectives of your event.



Design, writing and publication of monthly newsletters
In a society constantly overflowed with fake news online, it has become more and more difficult to have access to relevant content. Brightness offers to create a monthly newsletter that filters the essential news dedicated to companies, allowing to sum up the major current tendencies and the ones to come. It will include a selection of press articles, videos, conferences, online classes and personalities to follow.



Design, coordination and production of events
We assist our clients in the design, conception and production of events that mix innovation, emotion and relevance. In order to create impactful and powerful moments, Brighness supports you through :
- the definition of your events editorial line
- the selection and training of external speakers (see our “speakers sourcing” offer)
- the selection and training of a moderator
- the selection of potential artistic performances
- the logistical and technical coordination and management of your event



Intrapreneurial program
Brightness helps its clients implement an transformation process at the heart of their company. Our methodology, tested and approved by more than 1000 speakers since 2009, aims at inspiring collaborators and let them become real change makers. It enables innovative ideas and projects to grow inside and outside your organizations.The B|Transform process is based on 4 steps :
- B| fore : acculturation and inspiration
- B| yond : definition of a roadbook
- B| come : implementation of  a POC and following up the project
- B| bright : communication and broadcast of feedbacks

B| fore : the avant-garde for transformation leaders

The program B|fore is dedicated to actors who are in charge of the transformation strategy within companies or public organizations. Each member has a privileged access to ideas, projects, contents, networks and advice from avant-garde innovators.

At a time of constantly increasing ideas and projects, the need for filters has never been so important. Indeed, only a limited number of new ideas, concepts and inspiring actors can give you a real advantage to become more impactful.

Through brand new and relevant contents, we enrich your understanding of the world to help you guide your teams and make strategic choices. Tackling concepts such as the blockchain, the AI or quantum computing will enable you to develop long term actions.

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Our case studies
    "Based on the model of COP21 conferences on climate change, it is now urgent to initiate a first series of large conferences on NBIC technologies that would gather researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, philosophers and citizens. The objective : preparing the major challenge that humanity has ever faced."
    Michel Lévy-Provençal
    Co-founder Brightness / Founder TEDxParis and L'ÉCHAPPÉE VOLÉE